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Kelly Richey has released 16 albums on her private label, Sweet Lucy Records, earning her reputation as a master guitarist and singer/songwriter.

Kelly Richey has released 16 albums on her private label, Sweet Lucy Records, earning her a reputation as a masterful guitarist and singer/songwriter.  Kelly released her first record, “Sister’s Gotta Problem,” in 1994, and after a 30-year career, eleven studio albums, five live recordings, over 4,000 shows and 1,000,000 miles of touring, music continues to motivate her and remains central to her creative process.  Kelly enjoys writing, recording and creating music in her home studio, an environment tailored for lush guitar tones, loop-based based grooves, and ambient soundscapes. She loves to collaborate with other artists and has produced or co-produced a number of projects throughout her career. Kelly is currently writing for her next record while recording on a new series of ambient soundscapes to be released starting late 2018.

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