This month’s new content and channel layout for October 2020:
Be sure to watch the video with details for this month’s focus areas and read the tips below for getting the most out of the channel.


1) NEW Channel Section – GoPro View for Added Learning
2) Quick Start Guide
3) Post Your Videos

1) GOPRO VIEW – GoPro View for Added Learning:

I’m excited to announce that a new section has been added to the channel titled, “GoPro View – GoPro View for Added Learning.” This section kicks off with three new instructional mini-series, and many more to come!
Students continuously ask questions about incorporating various guitar techniques— many that are difficult to teach and hard to see from a front view camera angles. Having a GoPro mounted on the headstock, pointing down the guitar’s neck, gives you a front-row seat to the interaction between the left and right hand and their interaction with the neck in the guitar’s body.

Here is a list of the three mini-series that will be kicking off a section!

Section: GoPro View for Added Learning
– 12 Bar Blues in the Key of E (10 new instruction videos)
– Guitar Techniques – Tips & Tricks (5 new instruction videos)
– Finger Exercises (8 new instruction videos)

Note: I’m in the process of recording a “GoPro View” mini-series for each song in the song in the “SONG PK” section, and all main topics covered in this channel.


If you’re new to the channel, be sure to work your way through the section titled “Quickstart Guide” first. There is a ton of information in the section, and it’s a great way to begin your journey through the “Cutting Edge” channel materials.

Section: QuickStart Guide
– Everything You Need to Know in Two Pieces of Paper! – Part 1
– Hey Joe – electric guitar – Part 2
– Hey Joe – acoustic guitar – Part 3
– 12 Bar Blues in the Key of E – Part 4


I’d love to see some video footage on you soloing over the rhythm track of your choice! IF anyone is brave enough to post yourself playing— that would be sweet! Don’t be shy!

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TrueFire Presents: Kelly Richey’s Cutting Edge Channel

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