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What’s New from the Cutting Edge for June 2020


Here’s what’s New from the Cutting Edge Channel for June 2020. I’m excited to announce that the tab is finally complete for my Live DVD Performance footage of Red House!!! This is one of the most popular videos on my YouTube channel and was posted on Guitar Player TV when it was released. I’ve added the tab along with a solo guitar track mp3, and GuitarPro file. ENJOY!!!

Kelly Richey's Cutting Edge

Red House – (SONG PK SERIES)
12 Bar Blues in A
Tab for Red House Live Video Performance
Tab, Rhythm Tracks, GuitarPro File, MP# Solo Guitar Track
6 Part Instruction Series

Feelin’ Under – (SONG PK SERIES)
Heavy Blues-Rock Song Using Drop D Tuning.


Kelly Richey's Cutting Edge Song PacksThis month we will focus on learning I Went Down Easy. This is a song that I wrote, inspired by Led Zeppelin’s, The Lemon Song. This is a 12 bar blues song in the key of E, that is built around a heavy riff, straight from the E minor pentatonic scale. The vocals follow the guitar riff throughout the song. This song also uses an E7#9, Root 6, B, and A power chord.

I Went Down Easy – 14 Part Instruction Series
Music Video – 12 Bar Blues, Riff Based, Blues-Rock Original
Tab, Rhythm Tracks, GuitarPro File, MP# Solo Guitar Track

Beginner students: Place your focus on learning the basics of the song I watching the music video, and instructional videos 1, 2, and 3.

Intermediate students: Place your focus on learning the basics of the song before moving on to the lead solo section. After watching the music video, spend time with instructional videos 1, 2, and 3. After you’ve mastered these three videos, work your way through the solo section, one video at a time.

Advanced students: once you learn the basic framework of this song, dive into the solo section. Many techniques are used to play the solo, so please referred to the following materials for further learning:

Section: Blues Guitar for Intermediate to Advanced
Folder: Blues Guitar Soloing – 8 Part Series (Essential Techniques for Playing Blues Guitar)

NEW TrueFire Indie Courses – SONG PKS Series

9 New All Original Song Packs Available – $5 each:
Fast Driving Mama
I Went Down East
Leaving It All Behind
Something’s Going On
You Wanna Rock
Feeling Under
My Baby’s Gone Crazy
Sister’s Gotta Problem

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Let’s Jam! Learn to Play Powerful Blues-Rock Songs
In the SONG PK section, you will find mini guitar instruction series for each song, complete with a music video, MP3, tab, solo guitar track, Guitar Pro file, and rhythm tracks, so you can jam!

NEW Cutting Edge Indie Course Series

Kelly Richey's Cutting Edge Building A Strong Blues Foundation


Building A Strong Blues Foundation
Comprehensive 8 Week Course for Blues Guitar
This series combines all of the videos found in blues guitar for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, and gives you a step-by-step eight-week Learning system, with practice routines included. Building a strong Blues foundation is something every player needs to acquire in order to find their own voice.


Blues On Steroids Volume I, II, and III
This NEW TrueFire Indie Course is a three-volume series for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. If you’re serious about learning to play blues or blues-rock guitar– this series is a must-have! Each volume is just $9.99 and you’ll get 150 videos, with tab and rhythm tracks for support materials.

Every resource you need to take your blues-rock guitar skills to the next level and beyond is here in my Cutting Edge Channel.

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