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Handpan Lesson with Sam Maher

I had a fantastic experience this week! I took a Handpan lesson with Sam Maher via Zoom– WOW! What a brilliantly talented artist AND kind-spirited human being! What a blessing it was to work with a master player and teacher! My journey has been enhanced beyond measure!

I had been waiting, with great excitement, for the release of Sam’s new master class video series. I purchased it within hours of when it came out and dove in the deep waters!  Being a teacher myself, I know the importance of developing good techniques and the benefits of having one-on-one instruction, so I reached out to see if lessons were a possibility, and he said yes!  Sam is in Western Australia, so our time is flipped, but that’s OK!  I’m typically up practicing till the wee hours of most mornings!


Sam Maher New York

If you’re not familiar with Sam’s work, I’ve included a link to a video of his that went viral a few years ago.
Scale: C, Aeolian. – Notes: (C#)-G#-A-B-C#-D#-E-F#-G#.
Recorded at the 7th Ave. G/F station in Brooklyn, NY.

If you’re interested in discovering this beautiful instrument, and witnessing someone who is truly a master at his craft, be sure to check out Sam’s work below. Please see the links to Sam’s Facebook page and to his NEW Masters the Handpan series below:



Music IS a Healing Art

In this time of certainty, one thing is for sure– music IS a healing art! I haven’t been this excited about anything since I got my first guitar! I can’t say enough about Sam– his artistry, his ability to teach, and the music that he plays. Please be sure to check out his work, and join me in my journey as I explore this new musical endeavors. I’ve started recording ambient tracks with my guitar and handpan; this instrument adds so much depth to the tracks!  I’ve asked Ron Esposito to produce my next record when I’m ready– he said yes!  I’m in no hurry. I’ve learned that it’s the journey, not the destination– and I’m in good hands.