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TrueFire Live: Kelly Richey – Teaching + Q&A

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TrueFire Live: Kelly Richey – Teaching + Q&A

Check out the TrueFire LIVE broadcast! In this broadcast, I talked about where to place your focus when you practice, and how 20 minutes per day can make you a better player in a short amount of time! I shared some simple things that you can do throughout the day when you don’t have your guitar that count as practice– like the power of carrying your pick with you at all times and a hand strengthening exercises that you can do anywhere at any time.

In this video shared my favorite finger exercise, and my system for learning bar chords and pentatonic scales—fast!  See how I saw the neck of the guitar and discover all the essential information you need to play the guitar on just two pages!

Sound Creation

Sound creation, guitar tone, pedal board, and my favorite guitar players are topics covered in this video as well. Included are examples of my delay settings and how I incorporate a harmonizer as part of my sound when playing in a power duo. See examples of powerful rhythm guitar exercises that help connect you to the pulse of a song and how to warm up, so you’re prepared to get the most out of your 20-minute practice routine.

I’ve added links for the chat room, so people could check out video of my guitar rig, read an in-depth article on how I’ve developed my tone throughout the years, and three new music videos so everyone could hear what my guitar rig sounds like in a power duo—stripped down and nowhere to hide!

Video Related Links

Please see the links below and feel free to share your comments. I love hearing about how people create their tone, what gear they’re using and why. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for reading—I hope you enjoy the links!

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TONE TALK with Kelly Richey
Published by Guitar Girl Magazine
Guitarist Kelly Richey’s search for the perfect guitar tone takes you on an in-depth look at her guitar rig and shares the single most important lesson she ever learned, “tone” starts in my hands.


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