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TrueFire Presents Kelly Richey’s Blues Grit – Intro – Guitar Lesson

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TrueFire Presents Kelly Richey Blues Grit

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Key concepts and techniques for heavy blues-rock guitar

In addition to touring and making records, I’ve taught guitar for over 30 years, and I’m passionate about helping people learn how to play. In this guitar instruction series, we’ll get right down to business learning how to navigate the fretboard, all of your essential scales and chord I’ll teach you powerful blues-rock right and left-hand techniques for playing lead and rhythm guitar.

In section’s one and two of the course, I covers 5th & 6th String Scales & Chords, Finger Exercises, Flat Tire & Left Hand Muting, Advanced Rhythm & Muting, Hybrid Picking Punctuation, Double-Stops, Rakes & Slides, Bends & Vibrato, Hammer Ons & Pull Offs, Pinch Harmonics, Slap Harmonics, Strumming Patterns, Guitar Rig Setup, and Practice Routines.

In section three of the course, I will guide you through 10 blues-rock Performance Studies in common keys, with slow, medium and quick tempos and a variety feels: Hey Joe Blues, My Baby’s Gone Crazy, Mean Old World, Crossroads Blues, I Went Down Easy, Fast Drivin’ Mama, Tears Like Rain, Red House, Sister’s Gotta Problem and The Longest Road.


I demonstrate each of the Performance Studies to the same rhythm tracks that you will have access to and then I break things down section-by-section, teaching you each technique that I use. You will be able to play along with each performance with the support of the accompanying tab and notation.

The songs I selected for this course will prepare you for real-world playing experiences. I will teach you my unique system for breaking down the neck of the guitar, so pentatonic scales and chords are no longer a mystery. In this series, I hold nothing back. You will have all the tools you need and a road map for how to practice, so you’ll know exactly where to place your time and efforts, so you see real results—fast!


One-on-One Blues Rock Guitar Lessons with Kelly Richey

Learn to Play Guitar from Anywhere in the World!

In addition to her reputation as a touring musician and recording artist, Kelly Richey has over 30 years of teaching experience. She is a dedicated guitar instructor who is passionate about inspiring students to learn.



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TrueFire Presents Kelly Richey’s Blues Grit – Intro – Guitar Lesson

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Guitar Lessons, In The News | 0 comments