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The Spear Shakers Promotional Video

THE SPEAR SHAKERS Promotional Video Featuring Kelly Richey & Sherri McGee - The raw power, electrifying force, and psychedelic sound of these two stars form a new constellation.
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Kelly Richey’s Cutting Edge – TrueFire Channel

Guitar Lessons and Career Coaching-- explore the creative process through music! Check out my brand new TrueFire Channel Platform! $5 per month subscription.  Kelly Richey's Cutting Edge - TrueFire Channel: What You Get: 303 Videos, 270 Tabs, Charts, and More, 69 Jam Tracks, Discussion Threads, Channel Tools, Cancel Anytime Plus: A Subscription gives you access to all of the videos, tabs, jam tracks, discussion feeds — all of the tools and everything published in the channel! Cancel anytime.
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Mike’s Music Gear Review with Kelly Richey

While in the studio at Mike's Music, The Village, Sight, Sound, and Stage, we shot a "Mike's Music Gear Review" video of my guitar rig.  We went through the signal chain, and I explained how my tone, why I selected the individual pieces that I use, and the end result can be heard in our three latest song recordings-- Something's Going On, I Went Down Easy, and Leaving It All Behind.
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